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I have been studying the Bible for many years seeking to know the truth that is found within its covers. I am no Bible scholar by any means but what I do claim to be is a believer of the Bible from the first verse in Genesis to the last verse in Revelation.   Here is one truth I have found that needs to be addressed.


Christianity is Not a religion.


I have lived in many places and attended many churches and have developed the following theory. I firmly believe that a very large percentage of those of us who believe in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ feel we have found true religion. We all gather our faith and beliefs and bundle them up into our Christian religion. I propose to the reader that being a Christian is not a form of religion as the world follows but it is a way of life required by God. So we should try to determine what manner of person we are in holy behavior and godliness (2 Peter 3:11) as the Word of God says we should. 


The Dream God gave Me on the Night of the 30th of July 2010


I was standing before a very large mound of dirt.  (In my heart I felt that this mound was build up over many centuries and was not really dirt but lies and false doctrine that kept being piled up by the church.)  Someone had excavated a huge hall (if you would) into this mound of "dirt".  I was thinking to myself of how dangerous this was and I was not going to go in there. There were two people standing by me (I think I knew them) who walked into the entrance of this great hall.  I was about to say to them of how dangerous it was when the roof collapsed upon them.


In the next scene, I find myself on the opposite side of the mound and had found a door.  The door had been distorted to a rhombus shape by the collapse.  I tried to open it but it was difficult because of the distortion.  After some struggling, I was able to finally open the door and stuck my head inside and saw people running in panic up a set of stairs trying to escape. I yelled for them to come to the opening to escape but they would not listen.  Finally a few came over to the door and I said grab my hand and I pulled them out to safety.  I poked my upper torso back in and called for the people to come to this opening and escape but no would listen.  After a while one person came over and I told him to grab my hand and I would pull him through.  But he replied the opening was too small and he would not fit through it.  I said it only looked small and he should try but he waved me off and ran up the stairs with the others.  I cried because they would not listen.  Then I awoke.


The Father of Creation Puts a Burden On My Heart


I believe that God put in my heart to write a book on the Christian faith but I kinda laughed it off as I am no author.  I toyed with the idea but never really got started on the book because I did not think I had time until God fixed that for me in 2009.  I was laid off for over 7 months and found plenty time to write.  I truly believe God allowed my unemployment to write the book.  This site is to provide all who want a copy of the book either hard copy or computer file. (You can read the interpretation of the dream the Father provided me on the "About" page.) 


Are You Ready to Meet God? Are You Really Ready?


A link below has been provided to purchase the book for $10.00 plus shipping from my publisher. If you want a free electronic copy, just go to the download area and choose what version you can use.



Are You Ready To Meet God?

Authored by Harold J. "Rockie" Grimes

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